The 3rd Asia-Pacific Foresight Conference (APFC) has come and gone with a delightful venue at Perth Zoo providing a perfect backdrop to the many speakers and topics. This event provided a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with colleagues from across the region and beyond, as well as to develop new connections in the foresight community.

The attendees discussed “The Future of…” in a variety of topic areas showcasing the future potential and worlds with scenarios, visions for alternative futures and ideas on how to think about the future laterally. The future of cities, decision-making, ways of living, major issues the world faces and many other topics were covered in great depth across the three sunny days together.

We’re delighted with the wide global attendance of futurists, strategic planners, city designers, policy makers and innovators with participants from Philippines, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and South Korea and adding to that mix, the wonderful global perspective brought to us through Dr Jose Ramos’ speech at the Planetarium: Japan, Mexico, Spain and mainland China.

For those wishing to stay in touch in a public setting, we’d recommend you join the public Facebook page.

As you register, those who were at the conference will be invited to our private event group where you’ll also find copies of the numerous photos, futures presentations and discussion of trends that cover a wide array of topics.

It appears that the hosting of the next AsiaPacific Foresight Conference could happen in one of at least four countries in 2014. While we wait to hear more on that we hope you can maintain, gain from and add value to the futures field by participating in the public and private fora we offer.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support, feedback and participation!

Organising team of APFC 2012

Images of Perth by Rae Walter